Whether or not you have a planner, your caterer should bring this up first.If you are working with a planner or coordinator, they will handle gathering this information and providing the final headcount. However, if you don’t have any wedding planner to arrange it, you have to put this part as one of to do list.“Beyond it being the courteous thing to do, people also work better when they’re fed and have a chance to recharge”. Always remember “A well-fed team is a happy team”.

How Much Do Vendor Meals Cost?  

The cost of vendor meals will vary, but mostly vendor meals is around IDR 50.000 net – IDR 75.000 net per person. The vendors that will be included in this meal are “the people that have been around for most, if not all of the day, or are there for the full reception.” This typically includes:

  1. Photographer
  2. Videographer
  3. Acoustic or DJ team
  4. Any entertainment team such as dancer
  5. MC
  6. Planner (if any)