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We create the best celebration imaginable just for you. We listen to your wishes and make your dream wedding come true. We conceptualize unique ideas and bring out important details that will set your wedding apart, make it personal, meaningful and truly timeless. We attend the smallest details when it comes to design and styling, sourcing and curating the best in everything — location, textiles, flowers, tableware, — however, not forgetting that each wedding is first and foremost about a personal love story, friendship and family. We make sure that the flow of your wedding day is smooth and perfect, leaving you to enjoy the most important day of your life.

Looking to uncover the best wedding destination ? Mita is the one of the best person to chat with. She has a deeply interest rooted in art and love. She always enjoy reflecting on them in her daily life. Everyone has a different lens through which they view the world, which is what makes it interesting to see how others perceive wedding.


We know that each of our couples is unique in their planning process so we don’t fit you into a mold. We’re here to gracefully guide you through the wedding planning process, as well as design and produce a wedding that reflects who you are as a couple and what you’ve always wished for on your wedding day. Your big day will be scouted, budgeted, selected, designed, built, styled, and managed by us. We will always be there as your experience designer.

Mery is a passionate and dedicated wedding planner, committed to providing her couples with the best service possible. She is a firm believer that process is equally as important as the result. As such, Mery aims to make every step of the wedding planning an enjoyable adventure, through her attentive service and outstanding organizational skills.

One most of the thing people won’t realize but Mery is “CRY BABY“. She always cries whenever the couple do their exchange vows or their first dance as it reminds her with how amazing her wedding day was. Whether couples decide to keep it classic or do something crazy with a bit of a twist, it’s always so much fun to see what brides and grooms come up with for their first dance routines. She was hooked. Ask her about it !

Brunch Wedding for Your Weekend Getaways

A morning ceremony is kind of awesome, to be honest. Wake up, get ready, get married, and then spend the rest of the day celebrating with your new spouse and guests! Some people told us “The BEST brunches are the ones where you have no plans afterward”. The day just unfolds from there, it’s pretty perfect to let it unfold while you’re with your nearest and dearest. Enjoy a beach front restaurant for your brunch wedding and lock whole are for your invitations. Get the exclusivity and feel the ocean breeze with US!

JUST WITH THE FAMILY starts from AUD 15000

Venue usage at Garden or Beach

Marriage celebrant

Fresh and personalize decoration including decorative flower arch and altar table arrangement

Stylish flower hand bouquet and boutonniere for the groom

Personalize welcome signage, commemorative certificate and registration book

50 Tiffany chairs

6 Hours photography service

6 Hours videography service

Acoustic for 2 hours

Buffet dinner menu for up to 50 pax

2 Tier wedding cake

2 Times performance of 3 fire dancer

2 Rindik player

1 Time makeup and hair do for Bride

A room with 2 Nights stays for couple

Sound system with two (2) speakers and two (2) wireless microphones

Dedicated wedding planner to arrange your special day

A Guide to Serving Vendor Meals at Your Wedding

Whether or not you have a planner, your caterer should bring this up first.If you are working with a planner or coordinator, they will handle gathering this information and providing the final headcount. However, if you don’t have any wedding planner to arrange it, you have to put this part as one of to do list.“Beyond it being the courteous thing to do, people also work better when they’re fed and have a chance to recharge”. Always remember “A well-fed team is a happy team”.

How Much Do Vendor Meals Cost?  

The cost of vendor meals will vary, but mostly vendor meals is around IDR 50.000 net – IDR 75.000 net per person. The vendors that will be included in this meal are “the people that have been around for most, if not all of the day, or are there for the full reception.” This typically includes:

  1. Photographer
  2. Videographer
  3. Acoustic or DJ team
  4. Any entertainment team such as dancer
  5. MC
  6. Planner (if any)

How to Plan a Sunset Wedding in Bali

If you’re thinking about hosting a ceremony during sunset, the most important steps in planning a sunset wedding is choosing the right time and location. The best sunset wedding normally located in Seminyak area. During the summer , the best time to do the wedding is at 5PM as mostly the sunset starts around 5.45 to 6 PM. Once you’ve selected the exact time and place of your ceremony, there are some other details you’ll need to keep in mind. For one, Planner will encourages you to touch base with your photographer about the photos you’ll want to take before and after the ceremony, so you can plan your photo shoot around the best lighting.

Another priority is enhancing the guest experience. Consider putting a pair of sunglasses on each chair or hand fan, so your friends and family won’t have to squint in order to watch your ceremony. To aid in your loved ones’ comfort, take note of how the temperature in Bali. Always remember roughly the temperature in Bali is around 30C to 33C

How Long is an Elopement Ceremony?

A question that couples often have about open ceremonies is how long they are. This depends on what you have planned! A simple elopement ceremony with vows and rings usually only takes about 15 minutes.While some people still think of elopements as short and sweet, here’s why I think your elopement should be an all day event!

You Deserve to Celebrate Your Union
Let’s get one thing straight: eloping isn’t any less meaningful than a traditional wedding. Read that again. The important part of a wedding day isn’t applause after your ceremony, or line dancing, or being tagged in Instagram stories all weekend– it’s the day that you and your partner commit yourselves to one another. That’s all that really matters, and you deserve to celebrate that however you please.

You Should Enjoy Your Day
A lot of couples decide to elope because the thought of planning a big wedding and spending the day surrounded by a hundred people sounds stressful. So don’t make the mistake of only scheduling a couple of hours for your elopement day – because you’ll feel rushed, and stressed out by any curveball or slight delay, when you should be spending the day enjoying yourself, and cherishing every moment.

How to make your Elopement feel special when it just two of you in Bali

Just like all things elopement, the ceremony is can be absolutely anything you want it to be! But, there are a few things that are included in most elopement ceremonies.

Do your first look at the altar
As appealing as a first look may seem, there is something to be said about a traditional wedding where the bride and groom first see each other at the altar. The moment the bride walks in, but all you can focus on is seeing your future spouse at the altar because you’ve been separated all morning. Seeing that smile as he or she lights up seeing you is a moment you’ll never forget.

Reading Vows
The first elopement ceremony staple is a vow exchange. This is how most couples begin their ceremony, by reading their vows to each other. In a traditional wedding ceremony with a celebrant, the celebrant begins by introducing the couple and saying a few words before leading into their personalized vows, but if you elope just the two of you, you’ll likely begin by sharing your vows. Writing your own is a really great way to make your ceremony special, and I also recommend using vow books or writing them on paper – it feels a lot more special and looks better in photos than holding up a phone!

Ring Exchange
After you read your vows, most couples exchange rings. Traditionally, the circular shape of a ring symbolizes infinity, and means that your connection is unbroken! If rings aren’t your thing, one way to make your elopement ceremony special can be to replace this with something else. Many couples use another piece of jewelry, like a necklace, some couples get a ring tattoo on their finger instead, and others opt for exchanging gifts or doing something special without rings.

A Kiss to Seal the Deal
The last thing that typically happens during an elopement ceremony is your first kiss as a married couple! After you make your vows, exchange rings, you share a kiss to make it official.

How to Be Calm During “Bad” Weather On Your Elopement Day

One of my favorite things about eloping in Bali is that no matter the weather, you win. I know – you might be thinking, “But what if it downpours during our ceremony?! How is that a win?” Besides the age-old superstition of rain being lucky on your wedding day, I’m a firm believer that your elopement day is what you make it, no matter the conditions – which is why I put together this whole-ass guide to how to embrace “bad” weather on your elopement day. Bright blue skies? Congrats, you get to bask in the best of the best! Gloomy and rainy? Woohoo, you get the true Bali experience!

Get in the right mindset beforehand
If you’re planning your entire elopement around the assumption that it’ll be sunny & clear as can be, you’re already getting started on the wrong foot! It’s all about getting in the right mindset beforehand so that there’s no way you could be shocked, surprised, or thrown off if the weather doesn’t cooperate how you want it to. It’s going to be way better for you to plan for the possibility of rain 6 months in advance of your elopement and be pleasantly surprised by sunshine when the day arrives, rather than the other way around. Weather is never guaranteed, no matter what season you choose to tie the knot, so be sure to have a different measurement for success. So my suggestion “Frame your day like this: if you get married, it’s a win. Seriously, remember that this day is about so much more than the view. Be present in the moment and I promise, it’ll be one of your all-time favorite days”.

Let go of control + be ready to adapt
Trust me, I know how it feels to need to be in control and to have a hand in everything that happens – but unfortunately, that’s just not how life goes! And your elopement day likely won’t be any different. You can plan every teeny-tiny detail, create 3 different timelines, or even hire a planner to do it all for you, but at the end of the day, you usually just gotta throw your hands up and release that control, my friend. At least something is bound to happen that is outside of your control, be it a long line of traffic on the highway or an unexpected road closure – so just like I mentioned above, you need to expect it in order to embrace it. Adventure elopements aren’t just about the epic views and the incredible hikes: the word “adventure” is in there for a reason. You need to be ready to adapt at any moment and truly embrace the adventure as it unfolds – because isn’t that why you planned an adventure elopement in the first place? To release yourselves from outside pressure, to give up tradition for the sake of a more authentic experience? Part of that is also releasing your control at a certain point and realizing that you can’t change everything – and realizing that before your elopement will be WAY better than realizing it when you have to change your ceremony location at the very last minute due to circumstances out of your control.

Trust your Planner
If you’re feeling anxious about all the possibilities that could impact your elopement day, lean on your planner and other vendors to support you! It’s incredibly important that you trust your vendors in the first place, but that trust especially comes into play when external circumstances throw all your plans to the wind. Trust that I know it’s disappointing to miss out on a view, or to be warmer/colder/wetter than you hoped for. I know how much pressure there is to make this day perfect, and I know that it’s scary to think you might not get the photos you wanted. But you hired a professional for a reason– the weather doesn’t faze me! I work rain or shine, baby. I’m going to make sure you look damn good no matter what the skies decides to throw at us.

What to do if it rains on your elopement day

If it rains on your elopement day, first of all – why not consider it good luck, like the old superstition says? I recommend bringing clear umbrellas instead of colored or patterned ones so that we can keep as much light as possible on your faces for the photos! I don’t want you to get lost in the shadows hiding under your umbrellas. They’ll also look much cleaner (and actually pretty cute, in my opinion) in photos, and won’t clash with your outfits.

The MOST important things when it comes to embracing “bad” weather on your elopement day are trust and flexibility. You can’t control the weather, no matter how much planning you do. Release the expectation of perfection. Reset what it would mean to have a successful day. Did you get married? Congrats, then it was the best day ever!

If you found this guide super helpful and want to hear more of my best elopement tips, check out the blog or reach out to me directly so I can help you start planning your dream day. Rain or shine, let’s make some magic. Remember I am your EXPERIENCE DESIGNER

How Much Does it Cost to Elope in Bali?

Beach weddings are one of our most popular wedding packages in Bali. Feel the perfectly soft, white sand caressing your feet as you stroll through the palm trees, listening to the sound of the ocean waves combined with soft romantic music. Rejoice in the happiness of your beloved as your world shines under their dazzling smile.

Sometimes happiness is simple. Surround by the family and closest friends are a blessing for you. Never think that a beach wedding in Bali is so expensive and you can’t even afford that. An intimate beach wedding will cost you starts from $8750 and everything has settle. The only thing you need to bring is you gown and suite to Bali. Check the promotion inclusion below

Venue usage at Beach

Marriage celebrant

Fresh and personalize decoration including decorative flower arch and altar table arrangement

Stylish flower hand bouquet and boutonniere for the groom

Personalize welcome signage, commemorative certificate and registration book

20 Tiffany chairs

4 Hours photography service

Acoustic for 2 hours

3 Course set menu for up to 20 people

1 Tier wedding cake

2 Times performance of 3 fire dancer

2 Rindik player

1 time makeup and hair do for Bride

A room with 2 Nights stays for couple

Sound system with two (2) speakers and two (2) wireless microphones

Dedicated wedding planner to arrange your special day

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